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Serena Dipierro & Enrico Valdinoci

Serena Dipierro & Enrico Valdinoci, University of Western Australia
Nonlocal Minimal Surfaces: interior regularity, boundary behavior and stickiness phenomena

Surfaces which minimize a nonlocal perimeter functional exhibit quite different behaviors than the ones minimizing the classical perimeter. We will investigate some structural properties of nonlocal minimal surfaces both in the interior of a given domain and in the vicinity of its boundary.

Among these peculiar features, an interesting property, which is also in contrast with the pattern produced by the solutions of linear equations, is given by the capacity, and the strong tendency, of adhering at the boundary. We will also discuss this phenomenon and present some recent results.

(These are two consecutive talks: Part I is given by Serena Dipierro, Part II by Enrico Valdinoci)